A Fabulous Friday Feeling - Listening to the Radio

I listen to a lot of things while I work.  Podcasts, music, 'teach yourself french' recordings....but my favourite thing of all to listen to, has to be, the radio.  As a solo worker it makes me feel connected to a bigger environment, it makes me more aware of the passing time, it gives me a structure, it is my metronome.
I've been painting walls this week.  Lots of walls, lots of paint and listening to the radio.  Every now and again, a programme comes on that captures so much of your attention you begin to falter somewhat in your primary task!  And so it was when today, BBC Radio 4 broadcasted 'The Ice Mountain'.

I stopped, mid stroke, to ponder the length of time it takes a snowflake falling upon the interior of Greenland to reach the sea (over 200,000 years since you ask).  The names for the smaller icebergs seemed incongorous (bergy bits and growlers), almost comical, and therefore in direct opposition to the threats they cause to shipping.

And then, when they began to describe the motion of a large iceberg, with its root hundreds of meters into the ocean depths, caught up in a deep sea current so that the bergy bits and the growlers on the surface flow one way, whilst the icebergs moves in the other direction, I began to stop painting.

And then, if you look at them from above, overtime, the combination of the tides pushing and pulling with the deep sea currents - well, those chunks of frozen ice mountains, they dance in a slow spiral.

That, mes amis, was my 'Fabulous Friday Feeling'.  I hope yours was as awe-inspiring and jaw-dropping.