A Fabulous Friday Feeling - A Few of my Favourite Things

I have a little secret cupboard where I keep some of my precious things.

Ingredients: Secret Cupboard: Ikea, Grow Love print: Bates Merchantile Company on Etsy, wooden pebbles, old capital 'A' letterpress block and desk by Muji.

Do you have somewhere special where you keep your treasured things?

Selected Ingredients:  Pink rabbit purse by Julia Laing of Materialised on Etsy, little pink book by Smythson of Bond Street, Moose by Muji.

Secret cupboard tray ingredients: pebbles, wasp nest, driftwood, spinning top, old tin, pottery star by Jo Heckett, lime green measuring tape (thank you lovely Mrs L) and a 'Winter Song' brooch by me (similar to this one that I sold last week in the hybrid handmade Etsy shop).

Here's hoping you all have a peaceful Easter weekend.  Rest up mes amis!