What we caught in our nets.

After over a month 'at sea' the Hybrid Handmade Husband steered his 'boat' home.  We decided to check the nets for damage and went fishing this morning.  Here is what we caught.

The tide was SO low exposing bits of land that almost always belong to the sea.  My local Vendean neighbours were out in force, busy hunting for lunch.  Amiable little huddles of them scoured the freshly exposed rocks trapping crabs, tapping away at oysters and possibly peeling off a few mussels too (although I am reliably informed, it is not the right time of year for mussels).

I was initially fairly pleased with my haul of mostly seaweed.  The sun was giving their fronds a 'Gummi Bear' like translucency which had me fairly captivated.

Then we hit the mussel beds...

and we began to find new, rare and beautiful things.

Elsewhere, I played 'superhero', saving all the stranded starfish I saw by throwing them into the closest pool...

....until I saw this lot and felt a little overwhelmed by my new role!

However, my distress was somewhat dissipated by the knowledge that the tide was about to turn, returning these stranded stars to the relative safety of submersion.

So, an impressive haul today would you not agree mes amis?

Now, you may have noticed that amongst the buttons on the right hand side of this page that I have submitted this blog for a 'Brilliance in Blogging' award.  I have picked the 'SNAP' category (where the focus is on photography, no pun intended).  If you feel like nominating Hybrid Handmade that would be so very excellent.  All you have to do is click here, fill in some details at the top and then scroll down 8 awards to the 'SNAP' category.  They ask for the URL of a specific post - I do believe that this post is a good one given the fact that my net is so full of fantastic things and so the URL for this post is http://hybridhandmade.blogspot.com/2012/03/what-we-caught-in-our-nets.html

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Over and out till next week.  Bon Weekend!