Monday Musings on Moss and Lichen and such things

I have been some what distracted by my neighbours moss.  It is growing in a most gloriously prolific way atop their wall.  I am most taken with it, so much so that I did indeed peel a little bit off, just for myself.  I carried it home gently in the palm of my hand.

Now, I admit, this little scrap isn't up to much.  But, honestly, walk with me a minute and let's take a look at it with the setting sun shining through its populated fronds!

It is rather exquisite stuff is it not?

In amongst all of this I found some of this..

Elsewhere today I began to list the faceted pendants in the Hybrid Handmade shop.  Two listed, another eight to go!  They are a rather beautiful bunch - this one, pictured below, is the perfect colour match for the peach blossom that has just begun to spring out of the branches round these parts.

More listing tomorrow - and then onto to some important commissions!  Onwards and upwards mes amis!