Found and Made 16,860 km apart

Do you remember this?  It washed up in my post box back in January of this year.

What Mrs L. caught in her net
I kept it in a little wooden tray on my workbench and would pick it up from time to time.  I would peer through the little hole.  I would place it on a page in my sketchbook and trace its perimeter and consider details and manipulations that might adequately accommodate this really rather remarkable thing.

work in progress, Found and Made 16, 860 km apart, 2012
I built it a foundation and anchored some columns around the edges.  I looked out onto a watery wintered landscape through the tiny aperture and knew that it needed to be filled with fire and light.

I pondered the significance of a tiny object being picked up, packaged up and posted to me.  I needed to know the distance between where this tiny piece of sun bleached coral was found and where it was, here and now, resting in my hand.  The answer, as the crow flies, 16, 860 km apart.  I wondered how long it would take a crow to fly that far.  And then I made this.

Found and Made 16, 860 km apart, Cari-Jane Hakes,  March 2012
detail on back of pendant, Cari-Jane Hakes, March 2012

edge details, Cari-Jane Hakes, March 2012
A little more work needs to be done on the chain, a bit more polishing and refining - but I couldn't really wait any longer to show you all what a remarkable thing it has become!