Work in Progress - sycamore necklace

Many autumn seasons ago I gathered these sycamore seeds and sewed them together to see what kind of necklace they could create.

Sycamore seed prototype, version 1, Cari-Jane Hakes
I kept the strong fibrous arm of the seed on the inner diameter and used its gentle arcing form to generate the curvature of the collar.  The more delicate winged portion of the seed, paper thin in parts, flutters and undulates on the exterior edge.

Sycamore seed prototype, version 2, Cari-Jane Hakes

In the second version I juxtaposed the fibrous arm, placing it on the inner edge and then the outer edge to see what alternative form this new necklace would take.

Today I began to abstract the form of these wings - making the shape a less literal copy of the sycamore seeds that helicoptered down into my hands.

Work is slow in the Hybrid Handmade atelier.  The interruptions are necessary and regular.  The obligations are many and varied - I succeed and fail in equal measure as I try to attend to them with good grace.  We all get pulled a little thin from time to time - the trick is not to snap.  Easier said than done!

There is another little maqute evolving on the bench, in tandem with these seeds.  More on that tomorrow mes amis.