Work in Progress - The Stag

Elsewhere this week - I became captivated by a line of prose in a book I am reading.  It described briefly a pin worn by a Highland clansman featuring a stag.  And with that another line of inquiry and exploration was set for a possible new design.

As I drew and sketched possible permutations for this new design I was reminded of 'The Stag' scene from the 2006 film starting Helen Mirren, The Queen.  The film depicts a fictional response to the events surrounding the death of Diana on 31 August 1997.  In this scene, Queen Elizabeth, who is on holiday in Scotland, is stranded and is waiting for help to return.

Within the context of the film the stag, in my opinion, seems to take on a metaphorical significance.  This is the once scene that has remained with me partly because the shock and surprise of encountering a wild animal is depicted beautifully by Mirren.  It is an emotion we all feel when we stumble across a creature in this way, unawares, fleeting, the exit so silent we wonder for a moment if we actually DID see it.

necklace element, prototype, February 2012, Cari-Jane Hakes
Very much work in progress, but work nonetheless.