Something Different Sunday

Well, my Sunday is turning out to be very different.  I am coming to you 'live' and direct from Somerset House in London amid the buzz and energy that IS London Fashion Week.  For a newbie like me it really is a rather extraordinary thing.  There are beautiful people in beautiful clothes.  There are photographers and film crews.  There is a pumping bass beat which seems to permeating the fabric of the building I am sitting in.

In amongst all of this, here are some beautiful things that caught my eye on Pinterest this week.  First up, antlers....

I rather like the phantasmagorical faceted space that the antlers are suggesting in this piece.  This two dimensional rendering of a similar theme is just as captivating.

In amongst this I picked out some bits of blue of various shades and hues, bits of infinity, bits of the universe.

I must admit, I did feel somewhat out of place donning my 15 year old grey fleece (it is a faithful friend and has served me very well) but decided I could wear it ironically!  I slapped on a pair of silver tights and a big smile and stepped out into a brand new shiny colourful world.

Bon Weekend mes amis (well, what's left of it).