London Fashion Week 2012

Over the past three days I've been helping the Hybrid Handmade Husband in his exhibition space in Somerset House, a venue which has been adopted for London Fashion Week.  I've enjoyed walking in through the portico off The Strand into the throng of photographers and film crew groups - they are obviously waiting for some big name designers or models to arrive.  I was actually rather amused as a couple of photographers snapped my photo - just on the off chance I was someone important!

Somerset House, The Strand entrance, 21 February 2012
We had a piece of great news last night - the Hybrid Handmade Husband has been shortlisted for the Drapers 'Best Footwear Designer of the Year'.

The beautiful staircase that takes you up to The Portico Rooms, Somerset House, London
I thinking the silver Eudon Choi biker jacket would go well with the silver and orange neon Mojito heels - however, I think I am a bit biased when it comes to all things silver!
Portico Rooms, Somerset House, London, 21 February 2012