The best things in life are free.

I have finally stopped moving.  A 12 hour succession of planes, trains and automobiles has deposited me here, on the coast, just above the high tide line.  There is a core of tiredness lodged somewhere in my chest.  I am world weary, a little bedraggled and somewhat frayed around the edges.  I think the mini Hybrid Handmade Helpers feel it too (aka 'my apprentices' or 'my entourage' as I refered to them as during my jokey banter with the London Fashion Week security guards).

But enough of that - feast your eyes on the golden shimmering joy which is my freebie bag from the aforementioned event.

My Mulberry Monster

Mulberry commissioned artist Emma Houlston to create a 'Mulberry Monster' for their A/W 2012.  You can find out more about him on the Mulberry blog.

And here she is, Emma with her Monster! 

As you may well have guessed by now, the creative team have ALL been reading Maurice Sendak's 'Where The Wild Things Are' - it is the muse behind the furriness and the fabulous prints in the A/W 2012 collection.

Again, enough about that, now, how about a close up of my wonderous bag!  Proof, if proof was needed, that indeed, the best things in life are free!

Post Scriptum: all of that said, I did have to work jolly hard during London Fashion Week...

Bon Weekend mes amis - may it be filled with golden things.