Because that is what I do..

Can you imagine going into a shop and seeing a dress you really like.  They have it in yellow, blue, red and they don't have it in your size.  But you really love the dress.  So you speak to the owner.  Does it come in green? You ask and you tell her your size.  She tells you - no problem - I'll source some green fabric and make another one up in your size!  Come back next week and you can pick it up!

I'm not sure that this is very a common occurrence on the high street or in your local shopping centre but it happens here.  I'm writing about it because I think that delivering that kind of service is pretty special.  It's a rare thing.  But it's what I do and I'm proud of it.

Silver Malachite Stacking Ring by Cari-Jane Hakes
A fellow Etsyian contacted me after seeing my Silver Chalcedony Stacker ring (you can see it too by clicking here).  She liked it but did I have any other stones?  I told her the colours I had but I also told her I would be going to London and could source any colour she liked and I would make the ring up on my return to my workshop.  She told me she liked green.  Dark green to be more specific.

I went hunting in Hatton Gardens (the jewellery quarter in London) and found THE most perfect 8mm dark green malachite cabochon.  I made the ring up yesterday, to her size, so it will fit perfectly and it will be the perfect colour for her.

Stacking Rings by Cari-Jane Hakes
Hopefully she can stack it up with some other favourites and take it out on an adventure!

If you are a maker of hand made things please feel free to link to your shop in the comments and tell us how you go the extra mile for your customers - or if there is a particular detail or technique that you use that just wouldn't been seen on a mass produced item.

Also, check out this post by Pamela Bates over on the Merchantile Muse for some most excellent writing on this topic.