The work of Valérie Buess

Every now and again you discover the work of someone that makes you stop in your tracks and take a sharp intake of breath.  Your heart leaps and something within you recognises the form in front of you. You make a connection with something that is familiar but is not of your own hand.  It's like the surprise of  meeting an old friend in an unexpected place.  It's like finding your way in a town that you left long long ago.

As I stumbled upon the work of Valérie Buess this week (via uponafold) I felt all of these things.  Since then I've been trying to articulate in words what it is about her work that made me stop, stare and smile.

ready! by Valérie Buess
For 20 years Buess has been working with paper.  In every image of her 3 dimensional work that I've shown here there is the core of an everyday action, which on its own is really rather unimportant.  Rolling up a little piece of left over paper in the bottom of your pocket as you wait or tearing the corner off a ticket and working it into a finer and finer point are things we do absentmindedly.

cloud 2 by Valérie Buess
But do this again and again with deliberate care and attention and suddenly a visual drama is created that vibrates with beauty.  The repetitious action creates a pure symphony of form and colour and texture.  The everyday disposable action becomes elevated into something rare, interesting and intriguing.

cube by Valérie Buess
The forms remind me of some of the things I have caught in my net and perhaps this is why I stopped and stared - as if at an unexpected familiar face in a crowd.

The final image is from her 'moving' series.

You can find out more about her work on her web site