Words to describe the beginning of today.

Today the light crashed up through the horizon with a kind of belligerent energy.  It started with a few striations of vivid colour and then it splintered up into view and shone with a crisp brilliance that was magnified ten fold by the tiny fragments of furry ice covering every leaf and twig (and spiderweb).

Sunrise spider's web, 16 January 2012, Cari-Jane Hakes

I belligerently swept through my work so I could get out in it.  I stepped out and cut through the dense cold air - I ran and ran.  As bundled up Vendée-ans regard my t-shirted running attire I am always ready with a jaunty "Il ne fait pas foid!  C'est comme l'été en Ecosse!"

There is something rather nice about being able to joke in a language which is not your own.

It makes you feel a little bit like you 'belong'.