Two lovely things.

Fresh off the bench...

Fly Free Butterfly necklace, Cari-Jane Hakes, November 2011

A silvered butterfly, dipping slightly into a shadowed recesses, strung out on a thread of sparkle and glass all held together by hand knotted pale pink silk.

Elsewhere this week, I've been thinking about simple necklaces.  Strings of colour.  The kind of necklaces that would have been made thousands of years ago.  The kind of necklaces that would have been foraged and carefully assembled, imbued with meaning and ritual.  It makes me wonder when we first started to adorn ourselves with things that were not just functional.  Why did we do it?  Why do we do it now?

Ancestor's Necklace, Cari-Jane Hakes, November 2011

I pondered this and other questions as I carefully threaded hundreds of the most beautiful ruby red glass beads onto stainless steel thread.

I'll be listing these in the Etsy shop tomorrow.  Until then mes amis!