Things to Inspire, things that resonate.

I had to pull together some images today that would go some way to encapsulate the many sources of design inspiration that influence my work and the work of the hybrid handmade husband.  It is actually a hard thing to do.  To pick AN image or a SET of images that will give someone a clue to how you tick, how you design.  When I design and when my husband designs - we aren't really looking at images.  We aren't engineering our designs to emulate something that has already been done.

Things that resonate, November 2011
And so these images, if anything, are images that resonate.  They are images that when we see them there is a moment of recognition.   A school of though, a way of seeing the world and translating it. There is a moment of 'yes, that's what I'm trying to do too!'.  There is a joy in that.  A feeling of not being alone. A knowledge that the designs we produce are part of a milieu, a shared conversation that is connected with common threads.

Links for images:
1. The Fibonacci Series in Architecture from here.
2. Architect Zaha Hadid
3. The London Zoo Penguin Pool by Berthold Lubetkin

4. Pollen under a microscope from here.
5. Ball-Nogues installation for Frank Gehry's jewellery launch.
6. 'Continuum' by Charles O. Perry

7. Palm plant cells under a microscope from here
8.  Barbara Hepworth
9.  Mobius by 3xn

10. Nikolas Weinstein
11. La Chaise, 1948 Ray and Charles Eames
12. Architecture by Morphosis

What images would you choose?  What images would define you, how you design, write, paint, live?