My Last 5 Pins on Pinterest

Well, what can I say about those all important last five pins?  Just looking back on them now, they have a kind of dreamy quality to them.  Thoughts, dreams and aspirations.  Pinterest is full of that.  A place where all kinds of visual butterflies that catch our eyes can be pinned down, categorised and examined more closely.  A rolodex of colour, tone, hue, dresses, shoes, gardens, spaces....

Without further ado, I do believe that some of my last five pins reflect the cold I feel in my hands when I run through the fields and along the beach.  It's not cold enough to sting my face yet, but given time I'm bound to return from those excursions with a numbness that will only disperse when spring arrives.

Blue and windswept hair with delicate styling,

and these frozen vase images have me reaching for my gloves!

Pins for the "I'm Pink Therefore I Am" board have been thin on the ground of late. This one caught my eye.

The same could be said for the "And it was all yellow" board, but luckily this fresh, simple little illustration broke the silence.

To my fellow pinners out there, Happy Pinning!