My Last 5 Pins on Pinterest

Work on the bench is slow but steady.  In between bouts of soldering and filing and soldering and fusing silver dust onto copper surfaces I have been (as usual) distracted by my Pinterest boards.  Here are my last five pins with a little explanation as to why they caught my eye.

A retrospective exhibition on the work of Gerhard Richter opens today in the Tate Modern, London.

These are beautiful in all their slightly dishevelledness.  I do believe they would look perfect on a post-industrial loft wall, fully wired up and flashing on the hour, every hour!

Every now and then a little architecture creeps into my pinning.  This space is a perfect balance of solid and void.  A stark minimal palette, softened by the wood grain the on ceiling and floor.

Some sparkling underwater photography,

followed by the ozone replete paintings of Melanie McDonald.

Bonne nuit mes amis.