Musings on a Mercredi

The responsibility of needing to set an example for my two small boys weighs upon me.  Not heavily and not in a burdensome way but in a way that grounds me.  In a way that makes me think before I speak and act.   In a way that has me thinking at the end of every day 'I WILL do a better job tomorrow'.

Embracing the Present, Cari-Jane Hakes, 2011
So, while I hope that my example will inspire them, nurture them and help them become all that they can be there are times when I feel completely humbled by the example they set for me.

They don't hold grudges.  They can be told off and chastised for some misdemeanor but 2 minutes later they will be back at my side, smiling, asking about what I'm doing and if I can help find a lego brick.  No sulking, no recriminations, no looking back, no 'baggage' - just moving forwards with lightness and clarity and grace.  They just fling their arms wide open and walk forward.

They leave me wondering sometimes who is learning the most from this whole child / parent relationship!