Mosaic Mercredi - on a Thursday!

The auspicious occasion of the Hybrid Handmade Husband's birthday yesterday intervened somewhat with my regular broadcasting. Isn't it just a bother when life gets in the way of blogging?

And so I give you a slighted belated (but the first for this month) Mosaic Mercredi.  I took a little blue from the last one and took it from there.

1. early morning shadows, 2. Layers, 3. spill, 4. perles, 5. Blue ice on Fjallsarlon, Iceland, 6. Liquid Heart, 7. quack, 8. wave, 9. 452
As you will see from the above, I am still with the eskimos.  More on that and some completed work (I hope and only if the 'gods of the soldering torch' are smiling on me) tomorrow.

Until then, put some layers on and keep warm!  Unless of course you are antipodean friend, in which case I suggest you ignore that advice.