A Fabulous Friday Feeling - The Myth continues...

It makes no apology for its size.  For conceptually it is borne of rock and landscape and frozen tundra.  With this scale in mind it is in fact miniscule.  I folded the idea in half.  I turned its corners in on itself and then I folded it again.  It is a ring.  It makes no apology for its size because it represents an idea that is as large as the earth and the heavens combined.

The Myth of the Aurora Borealis

It is made from copper sprinkled with silver dust.  It is a confident maquete which bears its errors and experimentations well.  And....it makes no apology for its size.

The Myth of the Aurora Borealis - work in progress
The surface is fractured.  A faceted slice is struck into the shimmering ice like surface.  A carefully calculated incision made by the Eskimo's spear.

The Myth of the Auora Borealis - work in progress
A manmade mark in the landscape, deep into the rock out of which the Northern Lights escape.  Free to roam and dance across the sky in a spectral light display.

Surface detail, Cari-Jane Hakes, October 2011
When worn this ring will cover all four fingers.  A vast landscape and myth and legend and sky all folded down and condensed into a ring that only covers four fingers.  It is a slab of geometric beauty.  It is pure theatre and it delights in its expansive scale.

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