My Last 5 Pins on Pinterest

There has been a more than definite focus on all spaces domestic today on Pinterest.  As an architectural student I had a deep dislike of large scale urban planning projects.  I didn't see how it could be helpful or possible for one person's hand to design vast tracts of cityscape.  I think perhaps the concrete outskirts of Glasgow, Scotland must have rested heavily on me.  As a result I got wrapped up in the details of architecture and fine tuning the spatial shift of how one room joins to the next.

The spaces I've pinned are all beautiful architectural spaces - they just happen to all be within houses.  They have scale and texture, detail and life.  Admittedly they have been sanitised and arranged for the camera but the bones of the space are always the same and that is what has caught my eye today.

In this living room the modulation on the back wall drew me in.  The light in the recess that houses the wood contrasted with the dark black of the nibble that creates the hearth.

In this one it was the change in level and the different materials used - shiny polished concrete in the upper area and beautiful blonde wood on the lower.

In this space, who cares about the architecture!  Rock, sky and sea dominate the space.

From the outside this house is rather alarming but the interior just goes to show you should never judge a book by its cover.

My most recent pin - I probably pinned this because its frosted out tones were in harmony with all of the cool silver light that seemed to be streaming through all of the spaces above. Maybe I pinned it because it's the start of a new school year here in France and I can't help thinking about where we will be when this term ends. As the temperature begins to shift, I start looking at my wood pile and I know there isn't enough there to make it through to the other side!