Mosaic Mercredi

Following on from my last selection of flickr favourites almost a month ago...

1. Bird Song i, 2. Ocean Journey, 3. Summertime, 4. Distant scars, 5. Myst of Hạ Long Bay, 6. Schools, 7. Tumbu Stumpuk, 8. Glacier du Géant, 9. A glimpse of The Ben
a distinctly expansive collection of wide flung open spaces with textural details of seed pods and fish scale.

After a small hiatus I put my running shoes on and hit the trails today.  My head must be full of the golden setting light and the gentle palette of ochre that has begun to seep into the fields.  They look tired, a little harrowed and furrowed.  A hush is falling all around as summer visitors retreat from the coastal edge.  Shutter remain closed, the population drops and the earth tilts, gently, gently into the dark.