Fragments of new work.

A miniature cocktail ring for the woman who would like every day to be a party :

Miniature silver cocktail rings by Cari-Jane Hakes, September 2011
Tell me your ring size and your favourite colour and I'll do the rest.

I couldn't resist putting in another picture of these little 'bobby dazzlers'.  Wear your sparkle with a clear conscious - these are 5mm diameter cubic zirconias.  No conflict was fought or arms traded for these pretty ones.

I made one up in sky blue to test the design.  It's a perfect little peach of a ring, built from sterling silver and sparkle.  It's up in the Etsy store now.

Elsewhere on the bench I picked up this little silver nugget and breathed life into it.

Silver Facet necklace by Cari-Jane Hakes, September 2011
I have to say, I'm really rather taken by this little fellow.  It is hewn from a chunk of recycled silver.  A solid little nugget, unique in every way. There is no way I can make two alike.

It is one of those necklaces where you can hold the pendant between your thumb and forefinger and run it up and down the chain - whilst you ponder the meaning of life and what you should wear this evening.

It is also listed in the hybrid handmade Etsy Store.

Until next time mes amis, keep it bright and beautiful, sparkly and spangly!