A Fabulous Friday Feeling

I found this fabulous film on Harris tweed that I hope you will find it just as fabulous.

The shots of the landscape and beaches of the island are wonderful.  I want to claim them as my 'own' but am well aware that whilst I may be Scottish there is a vast difference between being a 'lowlander' and a 'Highland and Islander'.

The colours of the land are in the fabric.  Sometimes literally when the lichen and seaweed is gathered to dye the wool and sometimes the vast tracts of sky, sea and earth are the inspiration behind the colours selected for the warp and the weft.  These beautiful photographs were taken by Ian Lawson and are part of his book 'From the Land' which will be published in February 2012.  Ian has an equally fabulous film on his website which shows his photographs as they were displayed in an exhibition at the An Lanntair in Stornoway.

Whilst I can not claim to be a Highlander or an Islander I feel a lineage through the work I produce and my situation as I sit  here in my atelier, gathering my colours and textures from what I see around me.  A displaced Scottish lowlander, weaving with silver and copper and light.

Bon Weekend mes amis.