What I caught in my net yesterday

Whilst I 'collected' I thought about how softly the aperture of my camera grazes the earth.  It lightly gathers in a way the Victorians with their cumbersome collections could never do.  The only things I take with me are the odd pebble, the rest I leave behind.  I catch and release.

Yesterday, some of things I gathered were less visual and so I will have to describe them to you in words.  Like the sound of hungry French people tapping and cracking,  gathering their lunch of low tide exposed oysters.  

I could hear a light, soft, crackle from the rocks as crustaceans flexed mixed with the low on-shore wind bringing conversations and languages to my ears from far far away.  Some I understood.  Some just washed over me.

Small boys scampering and scuffling in the sand.

Until tomorrow mes amis!

31 July 2011, Cari-Jane Hakes