Hybrid Handmade Home - How to Make a Frame From a Drawer

We changed our bathroom cabinet a few months back.  It was a strange 1970's concoction with little style value or merit.  That said, I noticed the drawers were well well made and perhaps could be kept for a future 'nesting' project.

The Drawers - they have potential I think.  I took the handles off.
The Drawers - after a bit of sanding
I painted the interior and then set about pre-drilling some holes to take the hanging fixings.

Drill position, one third of the height down from the top.
I pre-drilled the holes a little bit smaller than the nails because the wood was fairly slim - I didn't want to split it.

Then hammer the nails in - I had help from a lovely little 3 year old boy.  He enjoyed making a lot of noise with me!

I did a little bit of extra distressing (in honour of the 'Queen of Distressing' Linda of Odd and Old) on the front facing edge.

I measured 2 x the width of the drawer and cut the same length in wire.  I wraped it round tight and and  hey presto, it's ready to hang.

Then fill it with lovely things!

Hybrid Handmade Home - Old Drawer, New Drawer
Some Pebbles, a spoon, a cup and a letterpress 'g'
New Drawer, detail
New Drawer, detail
And there you have it - a bit of re-purposed, recycled and re-used drawer action to brighten your Monday.  

ร€ bientรดt mes amis!