Hidden Things

There's No Place Like Here: Brazenhead Books from Etsy on Vimeo.

This is how I started my day.  Watching this little film.  It made me smile a knowing smile.  The smile you smile when you identify with something.  A shared sentiment or experience.

I feel a little hidden away here, on the west coast of France.  After the neighbour on my home's southern edge there are a few fields, a forest and then you hit the coast.  Keep going straight on and eventually you'll hit Canada!

Like Michael in the film, I find my circumstances surprising.  It was not particularly planned.  I think this fact still catches me unawares because much of my young adult life was full of carefully planned and considered options and decisions.

This was not my ideal. It was never my dream to live in France - to some extent I feel like I've hijacked someone else's daydream; and here I am!

The move to France was in part accidental.  As weeks turned into months it became a logical place to hide from the recession.  London is an expensive city if all the projects your relied on for your income go cold.

And then there was Hybrid Handmade.  One of the best lines in this film is "if it's all about money there's just better things to sell."  Michael talks about his familiarity with failure and how he seems to manage somehow without his hidden bookshop being successful.

I'll be honest with you - the idea of bespoke, one of a kind, crafted, couture jewellery is kind of a crazy idea in a world where shops are saturated with mass produced, cheap products.  I'm feeling Michael's familiarity with failure.  And this is a tough thing to admit when I feel I'm surrounded on Etsy and the blogosphere by people who have made a success of their handmade businesses.

That said, I will find a way.  When I fish a finished piece out of my barrel polisher I hold pure beauty in my hands.  I just know I have to keep going.  One day I'll be able to turn over this expanse of random loose ends and knots and see a glorious pattern that was unfolding all the time.