My Last 5 Pins on Pinterest.

It's a rather mixed bag today. Over on the official Pinterest Blog I often wonder if the 'last 5 pins' feature is edited.  Is is really the last 5 pins of whoever is being interviewed?  I'm sure they must do a bit of 'vanity pinning' so that their moment in the Pinterest spotlight is a well considered and co-ordinated one.

Well, mine today is just as I found my pins.  Kind of scattered, in random piles all over my virtual pinterest pinboard.  Enjoy!

I heard this little phrase for the first time a few years ago.  I like it as a modern day Proverb.  It works and is worth remembering.  I would go as far as to say it is a 'phrase to live by'.

This is still my all-time favourite film.

I'm still fascinated by all things faceted. This pin is a case in point.

This, just because it's beautiful.

I seem to be listening to a fair bit of Agnes Obel. Her quiet, lyrical songs suit what is going on in my workshop and so she has become my frequent companion in there of late.

My manifesto ring is coming on well.  I have to admit, I did skimp on the base plate because it was just for me.  I used 0.7mm in stead of the usual 0.9mm sheet.  That was a mistake.  That 0.2mm difference does in fact make ALL the difference.  Lesson learned.