Bon Voyage

After all the sketching and emailing.  The sourcing of stones, the waiting for the stones to arrive and the setting of the stones.  Then sending off for hallmarking.

Brooch for Andrea, hallmark detail
(The hallmarking, which was done in the Assay Office in London, just tucked away behind St. Paul's Cathedral, consists of my unique maker mark (CJH), the lion and the 925 (sterling silver), the leopard (shows it was halmarked in London) and the 'm' which indicates it was made in 2011.)
Andrea's necklace hallmark detail
Then back to my atelier here for final inspection and packaging. After ALL this, came today - these beautiful, unique, pieces have been posted to their owner in a far far far away land.

Andrea's Wedding Jewellery by Cari-Jane Hakes 2011
I admit, I took a fair few photos, just to remember them by, like old friends.

Andrea's Necklace, Cari-Jane Hakes 2011
You can find out more about these pieces here (the brooch), here (the necklace).  I also made something for the groom (see here).

I'm holding my breath till they are safely in your hands Andrea.