Oh, How Pinteresting! My Last 5 Pins on Pinterest.

Over on the Pinterest blog they have started a new feature where they interview a 'pinner' and ask them about their last 5 pins.  Rather than wait for Pinterest, I thought I'd just go ahead and do it on my own!

My most recent pin:

I'm always on the look out for 'pink pins' to add to my 'I'm pink therefore I am' board.  This board started out, tounge in cheek, as a reaction against being out numbered in my home.  I am the only female in the house - and whilst I am not the archetypal 'girly girl' I do enjoy finding images for this board.  It's pretty and I make no further apology for it.

Earlier today I re-pinned these lovely cushions to my 'nesting' board.  A collection of beautiful things I will probably never buy (seriously, how many cushions can one home have, I am officially at capacity here and besides I tend to almost always make my own).

Obviously, could NOT resist re-pinning this to the 'and it was all yellow' board (which you have to do whilst humming Coldplay).  Regular readers will know of my love of all things yellow and submarine like - this ring being a case in point.

I stumbled across this beautiful Etsy Shop today.  See more here.

And finally, a little red vintage car.  It reminds me of the box of similar vehicles that my little boys play with when they visit their Great Grandfather.  All of them are over 50 years old with slightly perished wheels.  In fact, I'm sure there is probably one it that box that looks exactly like the one in this picture.

So, there you go.  My last 5 pins.  If your on Pinterest - have a look at your own.  Why did you pin what you pinned and what does it say about you?

Until tomorrow mes amis!