A Friday Treasury "Adventures of a Small White Bear'

Here is a treasury I made today as part of the European Street Team 'team spirit' challenge.  Etsy Teams are a great way to find a 'home' amongst the bewildering, cacophonous space that Etsy has become with its millions of sellers. 

If you can find a team that also runs a Treasury event of some sort then you have a better chance of being seen.  They work like a co-operative.  A group of Etsy sellers pledge to make a certain number of treasuries a week.  Within the 4x4 grid they will feature sellers from the co-operative list and then add others of their own choosing.  Then, in order to give the treasury maximum exposure, the sellers within the co-operative click and comment on each treasury made by their fellow sellers.  This will normally happen in a discussion thread on the team's home page within the Etsy site. 

The aim ultimately is to get a treasury on the hallowed Etsy 'Front Page'.  A treasury with lots of clicks and comments is more likely to be seen by Etsy Admin and is therefore more likely to be picked to appear on the 'Front Page'.  


A little collection of objects inspired by ememem's 'white bear with a red crystal'

Ceramic Vase - White Ro...

A white bear with a red...

made to order, personal...

20 Coloured Laced Heart...

Lace Trees 8x10 print

The red rose purse

Winter Romance - decora...

Paper Garland Heart

SALE - Valentine Heart ...

Freshwater Pearls and C...

Coral on Geometric rect...

Red & White Polka Dots ...

Embroidered lace bracel...

Organic t-shirt with ta...

small wall art hoop - ...

pole rouge

I'm taking the time to write this out because it has taken me a while to figure this all out.  Hopefully, if you are a new seller this will help you.

Bon Chance fellow Etsyians!

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