A Fabulous Friday Feeling

The light was right, sitting in little bright pools on the floor, so here is what has been occupying some of my bench space this week:

Oyster, Cari-Jane Hakes, May 2011
The beginnings of something I wrote about here and here.

Oyster, Cari-Jane Hakes, May 2011
The texture is a delicate etching of an allium bloom. It is so light, like a sketch in pencil, soft and slightly smudged.  It explodes from the void, like a sparkler on bonfire night.  Into this little space I will put a pearl or two.

Inside the Shell, Cari-Jane Hakes, May 2011
The inspiration is the little oyster shell with its attached frond of seaweed - however, the form needed to be extracted, become more edited and essential - I didn't want it to be a literal interpretation.

Texture Detail, Cari-Jane Hakes, May 2011
What took me so long?  I've held off from making these involved 'studio jewellery' pieces.  I've discovered that it is harder to sell these pieces on-line, especially when starting out.  My current location and responsibilities means it is almost impossible for me to show at the big craft fairs. These events would allow these intensely crafted necklaces to be seen, held, tried on and admired, I could be personally on hand to tell a little bit of its story, how it came to be and how each piece was cut and filed and polished.

This feels like an indulgence.  To possibly squander time on a piece that will just sit on Etsy.  I'm dreaming a little bigger.  If I want to keep the dream alive I have to do these pieces.  And so I am.