More 'Northern Lights' and 'Ice'

We were treated to a spectacular light show on Sunday night - the thunder and lightning was continuous for over an hour.  It was a 'Northern Lights' of sorts - more violent and powerful than the grace and gentleness I imagine the Aurora Borealis uses to move across the skies - but it was welcome and fascinating all the same.

24 April 2011,  2230 hrs
Sunday was also a good day for 'fishing'.  Here are some of the things I caught in my net:

Oyster Shell, Cari-Jane Hakes, April 24 2011
The inside of this shell reminds me of some distant glacier flow - elsewhere, I kept picking up cold, dark, inky shells.  I imagine these were always here and perhaps I was distracted by my goal to find more honey coloured pebbles to make Yellow Submarine Rings.

Ice Sheets and Hailstorms, Cari-Jane Hakes, April 2011
Here is hoping the Easter Weekend has revived and refreshed you all.  A bientรดt mes amis!