Jewellery and other stories

I have another beautiful cuff link story for you my friends.  I am so happy to play a part in the weaving of these tales, commemorating a point in time and giving it a silvered voice that will be passed on and shared in the months and years to come.

Cuff links, front detail, Cari-Jane Hakes April 2011
Oh, the leaf texture on these ones is so fine and delicate - it almost looks photographic. The leaves were sent to me by Andrea of Strong Southerly.  They are from the tree under which she will be married later in the year.  The recipient is of course her soon to be husband.  But, shhhhh, he doesn't know.  It's a surprise!

Can you imagine his reaction when he is given these hunks of silver sheet?  And when he turns them over...

Cuff links, back detail, Cari-Jane Hakes April 2011
secret hearts, cut from the backs of the brooch and the necklace I am making for Andrea.  I was initially just going to send her the hearts but hit on this idea whilst out running last week.  Honestly, the symbolism and the romance of the whole project is really just so magical and beautiful!  Sigh.