Bridal Jewellery with added SOUL - Part one

I finished this little encrusted number today.

Andrea's Brooch, Cari-Jane Hakes, April 2011
Ingredients: One druzy agate, sterling silver with roller printed leaf texture, a fine silver bezel, a thick sterling silver back plate (with leaf texturing) and a small length of piano wire for added zing and spring (brooch pin).

This brooch will become part of Andrea's wedding dress on the big day.  It is derived from the 'Fiercely Feminine' series which has at its heart these lightly lifting leaves.  They look as if a soft wind is passing underneath them.  There is softness and grace and gentleness woven into this piece, 'feminine' qualities if you like.  For me though, under this 'fragile' femininity lies a foundation of strength, endurance and toughness and I like to think the piece embodies all these qualities.

Andrea's brooch, back detail, Cari-Jane Hakes, April 2011
What I love about this brooch more than anything is its colour and what it represents for Andrea.  The colour will tone in with the boots she will be wearing underneath her wedding dress.  This brooch, if anything, shows a bit of soul, it tones in with a little bit of what makes Andrea who she is, her personality.  It makes visible what is slightly hidden from view in a very sparkly, encrusted silvered way.

Andrea's Brooch, heart detail glowing with sunshine, Cari-Jane Hakes, April 2011
Elsewhere on the bench today, the high magnification goggles made an appearance:

Eyes Down! On the Bench Today, April 21 2011
Setting a labradorite stone full of flash and blue.  More on that tomorrow my friends.

Andrea's Necklace, work in progress, April 2011