Snoop my Stuff

Following Andrea of Strong Southerly I decided to take part in Kootoyoo's Snoop my Stuff.

I was suffering from a little bit of 'post-visitor-itus'.  You know how it is.  You have someone to stay.  You get used to them being in your home and then when they leave there is a person shaped hole in your day.

I was just sharing with Andrea my top tips for getting out of that 'I would rather hide under the bed than face this day'.  Top of my list is cleaning.  Straightening out my home seems to have the effect of straightening out my mind and stops it turning in on itself.  So, as you can see, my little work place was ready for its close up!

Sketchbook and Blogging workspace, Cari-Jane Hakes, March 2011
This is my favourite corner in our little house.  A mix of Muji and Ikea.  Cheap, cheerful and cozy.  The little bird print is by FreyaArt on Etsy.  I bought one of her calenders so each month I have a lovely little miniature print from her range to frame.

On the desk
Elsewhere, painting and drawing paraphernalia next to a photograph of me and Mr H. renovating our first flat in London and a lovely new book on Orla Kiely from the equally lovely Helen from henkalullah.

Book of the Month - Pattern by Orla Kiely
Regulars to this little corner of cyberspace will be well acquainted with Cedric.  He has featured heavily in my Sketchbook Project 2011 for Art House Co-op (for example this post).  He can mostly be found here, on the back of my rocking chair, keeping watch.  He was handmade in the UK by Owl.

Cedric, keeping and eye on things.

Some exciting news for you all tomorrow!  Until then my friends.