Hybrid Handmade Home - How to Make a Driftwood Wreath

Wreaths aren't just for Christmas in my opinion.  In fact, they don't even have to be restricted to the front door!  Here is a little step by step tutorial on how to make your very own Driftwood Wreath.

You will need:

A piece of scrap wood (or something equally sacrificial to drill into)
Some wire (mine is 3mm diameter, copper)
Clear twine or string (I'm using 0.6mm fishing line)
A drill and drill bit slightly larger than the diameter of your wire (I used a 4mm drill bit)

Step 1 - Drill 4mm holes rougly in the middle of each driftwood piece (don't forget eye protection).

Step 2 - thread your driftwood pieces onto the wire.  I alternated 4 short pieces with one longer piece and continued this pattern about 10 times.

Step 3 - Twist the two ends of the wire together and make a loop.  Cut any excess off with wire snips or hacksaw.

Step 4 - Add clear twine / string to the loop, hang up and admire your handiwork!

Et voilΓ !