Evening Light

I can see the days getting longer.  The relative isolation of this house means that I'm much more aware than I ever have been of the points on the horizon where the sun appears and disappears.  The arc is steadily extending and fingers of light reach into corners that were recently in perpetual shadow.

This light that comes creeping in, late in the day, has a honeyed amber hue to it.  And the shadows are so sharp and clear.

You have to be quick though.  It only lasts a few minutes.

And then its gone.  And the corners return to their winter pallor.

I am rather reluctant to see winter go.  I can feel spring tugging at my layers.  I rather like wearing all my clothes as the same time.  But the golden light!  Well, it is ample compensation I feel for the passing of an old and tired friend.  Who I know will come visiting again.

On wards and upwards! On y va mes amis!