Euro Week on Etsy

March 21 - March 27 is officially Euro Week over on Etsy.

Above is the amazing, mind blowing work of studiokmo - a hand cut map of good ol' London town. And below, a sweet little water colour by poppyandpinecone.

Both these sellers are actually based in the lovely US of A.  So here is my 100% Euro treasury (inspired by American singer / songwriter Prince) which you can find on-line here (until it falls off the great big treasury list on Etsy's server).

She Wore a Raspberry Beret by Cari-Jane Hakes
Thank you to spectaclealamaison and for providing me with the inspiration for the title and half of the colour choices for this treasury and to DreamsFactory for the Cloudy Beret with a Chance of Sun which enabled me to add a little obscure European twist.