Spring Field Collection

I have made these necklaces for women who like to kick off their shoes and feel the grass between their toes, for women who are country girls at heart, who are sure of thier roots and wear their hearts on their sleeves.

Spring Field Collection, Allium, Grasses and Crocus & Grass
Spring Field Collection, Cari-Jane Hakes 2011

"I was inspired by the silhouette of grasses and flowers against the sky that I see when I walk along the coast here in France. I have frozen the sway of their dance in the wind in slate blue and snowy white enamel. I then carefully made 25 tiny sterling silver rivets and slowly attached 13 silver leaves that are forged so they look like they are lifting slightly, as if caught in the breeze. I have used leaf skeletons to imprint the silver and have then patinated the surface to bring out this amazing texture."

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