THE new workshop apron...

in all its 16 oz canvas glory (note to self: must try not to get any chemicals or burn holes in this one). And yes, I am warming myself up in front of the fire before retreating to the slightly less temperate zone of the atelier.

Elsewhere today, I swear if I was to stop for 5 minutes I would be able to see these growing!

I checked on my succulent and lichen farms.

I remain captivated by these small plants and they suit my rather haphazard care regime.  They really don't seem to mind if I forget them for a week or too.  Which really, quiet honestly, suits me fine.  And is probably why the lichen does so well.  I don't have to do a thing and it just keeps looking fabulous and transports my window cill to some far region of outer space (it's not just me that thinks that lichen resembles something from another world?).

And I found these seed pods!

seed pods, 3rd February 2011, Cari-Jane Hakes
Which started me thinking about necklace clusters and stone settings and....time for some sketches I think.

My evening entertainment will come in the form of my very own 'cardigan of many colours'.  It has been on the needles for some time now but it is oh so nearly finished.

Bonne nuit mes amis.  Until tomorrow.