The Sketchbook Project 2011 - How to do a quick smudgy sky

I thought you all might appreciate a little tutorial on how to create a quick smudgy sky!

The finished sky, Cari-Jane Hakes
Step one: Get a scrap piece of paper with a clean edge and some pastels.  Scribble a little bit of your pastel on the scrap paper.  This is a good time to mix colours too - just scribble all the colours you want to blend on top of each other.

Step 1: mixing colours and preparing to smudge.
Step two: Line up your scrap paper with the edge of your drawing where you want the sky to start. Use your fingers to sweep the colour from your of scrap paper onto your 'sky'.

Step 2: transfer the colour onto your sketch (note, the pastel is picking up the grain of the paper )
Step three: Colour in any detail with a pencil that is close to the colour of your sky.

Step 3: Filling any gaps with a close matching coloured pencil 
Step four:  I use a little bit of matte varnish to seal the pastel in - otherwise it will tranfer onto the facing page when you close your sketchbook.  Obviously, wait till the varnish is dry before you close your book otherwise your pages will stick together and rip!  (Acrylic paint artists use this varnish so you will probably find it next to / close to the acrylic paint tubes in your art shop)  I have also used it on this page to seal over my rub-down transfer lettering.

Step 4: Seal in the colour with matte varnish
I hope that was helpful.  Obviously, you don't have to just limit this technique to sky.  It could be used to create shadows or moonlight etc.

I have just finished my final drawing for The Sketchbook Project 2011.  Just need to fill in my contents page and package it up ready for posting tomorrow.

And then, I really MUST clean this little house!