What I caught in my net today

A beautiful 'cladding' on a muscle shell (this is first time I have seen this), regular and irregular at the same time.

Rhythmical sandbars creating a symphony of light and dark in the fading winter sunshine.

A shock of red seaweed, stranded by the tide.

The tiniest fragment of sea urchin shell.

Soft rocks with 'occupants'.  These ones look like they are shouting to be released!

And others, vacant and graphic with random punctuation.

Birds paddling out to the surf,

and a setting sun, so early.  No sooner has it got up, it seems to be going back to bed.  But not for long!  That time is coming when the balance will begin to tip in the other direction.

I have to say though - I'm fairly happy with everything that winter has to throw in my direction.  I will last it in good grace.

Whichever season you are in, I hope you are able to find something marvellous, something beautiful and something amazing in amongst all that has been flung in your general direction today!