Art House Front Page

Thank you to the lovely people at Art House Co-op for putting one of the pages of my sketchbook on their site!  It is currently in the bottom right hand corner but will move further down the page in weeks to come as they add more squares.

Art House Co-op website, 5th December 2010

If you scroll down through their site you will also fine the article I did on how to re-bind your moleskine without rebinding your moleskine (top right in this screen shot).  You can find that post here.  I'm really glad so many people have found it helpful.

Moleskine tips & tricks by Cari-Jane Hakes on Art House Co-op

A little further down is my little girl packing her typewriter..

'Last thing to get packed', click here to see original post here on hybrid handmade.

Even further down, Cedric is still hanging in there!

Introducing, Cedric, the stuffed newt.  Click here to see the original post here on hybrid handmade.

And finally, way back in August (well, it seems a long time ago now),  I submitted the first page I had completed for The Sketchbook Project 2011 (top right in this screen shot).

'First page done' . Click here and you can read the original post here on hybrid handmade.

There are 28,787 people participating in this project.  You can find out more about it by clicking here.  The postmark deadline of January 15th 2012 is fast approaching.  My little girl's search for home needs to be complete by then.  Then I will be waving her off on another journey.  She needs to be packaged up carefully and sent off to Brooklyn, New York, USA in time for the sketchbook tour which starts in March 2012.

I'm busy working on another double page spread.  Check back later today for progress.  Hope all my fellow sketchbookers are happily filling those pages too.  Keep going mes amis!