I do...

I'm working on an eternity ring.  I'm carefully cutting and filing and imprinting silver with letters and leaves.  I found this beautifully apt video and watched it just before soldering the first joint.

You can read more about April and Jeremy's wedding over on Design Sponge.  I really admire the spirit of this wedding.  If I could do it all again I'd choose the same man and we would do something like this. Simpler, essential and concentrated.  It is all the sweeter don't you think?  Now back to the ring...

Starting with some sketches

and some lower case 1.5mm letter stamps

eternity...it's a long time.

The exacting task of getting two side to match perfectly

and carefully sawing and sawing the joint until the two sides marry up and  become perpendicular to each other.

When they touch perfectly, it's time to bind it all up and solder the joint together.

P.S. At the end of the video, he surprises her by hiring the guitarist for their first dance.  Sigh.