What will you teach the next generation about creativity? (or things I wish I'd known 15 years ago)

It is 'We Scout Wednesday' over on Scoutie Girl.  Here is my contribution.  These are all things I try to impart to my boys.  There are also a few things I remember from my own childhood (which goes to show, that sometimes, just sometimes, the good advice DOES stick).  That aside, I really believe there is only so much one can impart.  Everyone really ends up figuring it out in their own way.
Rumi quote plaque by mb art studios
1.  When it's not working, when it's not flowing....just step away, step back, go make tea, move onto something else.  It will still be there when you return.  But sometimes, the distance allows your sub-conscious to start working away on it.  You return and suddenly you know what to do.  If this doesn't work, repeat till it does.  I attribute this pearl of wisdom to my Dad.  
Anish Kapoor's Upside down, inside out, 2003 on flickr
2. Turn it upside down and look at it again (this is my husband's top tip).  This works well for architectural plans and when you are looking for collage material - looking at the magazine upside down stops you registering the words and image - all you see is tone and shape.
Typography print by Nan Lawson
3. 'Don't think, just do' became my mantra in the final years of my design training.  I spent much time as an undergraduate frozen by too much thinking.  Paralysis Analysis.  Now I know, you just need to keep moving.  Sketch, build a model, start a painting, work conceptually.  Creativity is just like keeping fit.  It needs to be flexed, alternated, it needs to keep moving and changing.  Sitting there, thinking about going for run is not really going to get you anywhere.
Emily Dickinson quote art work by From My Bookshelf
4. Never. Give. Up.