Seeping Colour.

I used to be a bit of a monochromatic girl.  With hindsight, I feel this was in part due partly to my metropolitan milieu and also my architectural background.  When I began my training, all sensible proper architects used a restrained palette of, well, grey.  There were a few mavericks who branched out into the odd splash of yellow and blue.  But really, if you wanted to be taken seriously, you left the colour wheel in your high school art class, donned a black polo neck, and got on with it.  

Oh but colour is soooo good, is it not?  I began my rebellion against this accepted norm by purchasing a pair of Hawaiian sunset print canvas knee high boots.  They really are, as my sister would say, V.O.V. ('Verging on Vile').  When a fashion item falls into this category, you have to be careful and go with your gut.  In this case, the boots were V.O.V. but fabulous.  

Colour has begun to seep into every corner of my home now.  A peek inside my kitchen cupboards reveals a cornucopia of hues and patterns.  10 years ago it would have been a minimal sea of white, a little uptight, prim and proper.  If you look closely, you can see a teapot from my previous life.  He looks a little superior, but I think he will learn to fit in just fine!