Mosaic Mercredi

Starting with one of the images from 'Mosaic Mercredi' last week I put this little collection together in advance of revealing a new piece that I have been working on.
1. Untitled, 2. Untitled, 3. of rust and rain, 4. Koi, 5. koi art, 6. Phantom boat, 7. Munn - Mouth, 8. The Ribbon Bridge, Colchester, 9. Light-reflexions
Koi are stunning.  Just pure sleek muscle and grace.  I love drawing them.  The intricacy of the way their scales pattern down their bodies and the twist and folds of their tails.  Because of their size I always find that I notice their eyes - they really look like they are staring right at me.  
More koi tomorrow - until then my friends.