Friday Mémoire

These sketches aren't really vintage but they are pretty old.  They are taken from a sketchbook I used during my architectural studies.  They are a little frantic, quick, essential little drawings.  Most of them were created in the run up to the final draw-up period.  Just before the all important final 'crit'.  
Cross section through Literature Faculty, Berlin, 1998
Lots of layers, masking tape, trace and cartridge paper hastily assembled before the inspiration departed and disappeared forever.  
Seminar room, Faculty of Literature, Berlin, 1998
Other sketches were used to test out how a space might look in perspective. Often I would end up in a corner, absorbed in the detail of the materials and how the light may fall through a window.  What would it feel like to be in this space?  How could I then represent all of this in a single drawing or painting?
Entrance to Rhetorical Chamber, Literature Faculty, Berlin, 1998
Other sketches begin to show more solidity.  Hints of structure and construction begin to surface and become expressed.  Wood and slate and steel and canvas.
Outside Seminar Space, Faculty of Literature, Berlin, 1998
Professor's Study, Faculty of Literature, Berlin, 1998
There are still some of the spaces in this scheme that I would dearly love to incorporate into a real building.  This 'sit-upery' (as opposed to a 'sitooterie', a Scots word for an external garden building used to 'sit oot in').  The contrast of the double height space with this smaller, more intimate raised area is a spatial composition that holds so many possibilities of in habitation.  One day, perhaps I'll build one.