feuilles d'automne

There are so many beautiful blog posts on the change of season at the moment. I am particularly enjoying Margaret Oomen's posts over on Resurrection Fern.  The change of season comes just when we are getting bored of short sleeves and cotton and want to start layering wool and tights and boots.  I often wonder what it would be like to live somewhere where the seasons are less pronounced, or non-existent.  Time there must be different, more elastic, less confined.  Here, on the west coast of France, it is almost as if a switch has been thrown.  The year rolls on taking all the leaves with it.  Well, not all of them.  I have some lovely silver leaves that are very firmly soldered in place - rendered 'evergreen' if you like by being preserved forever in silver.
Fiercely Feminine with Labradorite by Cari-Jane Hakes from the 'leaves' series
This stone is mercurial and quiet magical. A cabochon of labradorite which, as one might expect, displays 'labradoresence'.  It refracts the light in the most surprising way. Suddenly, you get a flash of blue, deep inside the stone.
detail of Fiercely Feminine Labradorite pendant by Cari-Jane Hakes
It has the iridescence of a piece of trapped Blue Morpho butterfly wing and the intensity is akin to the surprise of seeing a cat's eyes flash in the dark.
detail of Fiercely Feminine Labradorite pendant by Cari-Jane Hakes
I used much narrower leaves for this pendant (see here for one I made earlier) and it gives it an almost feathered feel.  On the back, a surprise texture of the most exquisite silk kimono design featuring a swirling river and banks of fragrant exotic flowers.  It is one of my favourite images that I use for etching.  This one came out so well - the back is as pretty as the front!
Etched back plate of the Fiercely Feminine Labradorite pendant by Cari-Jane Hakes
Elsewhere today - my other Fiercely Feminine leaf necklace made an appearance in a beautiful treasury over on Etsy.  I must say, the palate of this treasury is a welcome relief from all the orange and halloween-ness that is rampaging through the site!
Etsy Treasury featuring hybridhandmade by OohBaby123
A bientรดt mes amis!